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All users are manually verified and then listed to avoid impersonation. The process is time consuming and hence patience is required. We cannot specify a time frame as the project is volunteer run.

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Verifying and Listing is FREE unless you opt to purchase an expedited process. An expedited process will get you listed faster than the free verification process. Those buying an expedited service need not fill the waiting list form. You'll be contacted directly.

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(1): The first contact will be made depending on the service you chose above. You'll have 7 days to complete the verification from the date of contact, unless explicitly mentioned. Costs mentioned for one user per usage. If you fail to complete the verification within the allotted time, you may have to repurchase. Failing to adhere the rules of authifyWeb will result in termination of Expedited Service and no refund will be given. Expedited Service may not be valid for a new service/profile or filter added. All purchases are final and no refunds will be allowed. Incase you have any doubt please contact us before you purchase an expedited service. Donations nor expedited purchase does not guarantee you getting listed. The service is for individuals themselves or those who represent a company. Fan pages and fake profiles will not be listed under any condition.